Hot tub servicing

hot tub servicing

Are you looking for a Professional Hot Tub Servicing and repair company? Are you located in Birmingham or within a 50 miles radius of Bromsgrove? If so you’ve certainly come to the right place, Bromsgrove Hot Tub Services have over 20 years of experience in Hot Tub repairs and maintenance and offer a host of top quality reliable Hot Tub services.

Why Do I Need my Hot Tub Serviced?

A hot tub is as much of an investment as a car. So in the same way that you wouldn’t risk keeping your car running for years on end without having it checked or serviced, we can give you peace of mind for your spa by offering a full inspection and service.

Here at Bromsgrove Hot tub services we recommend that you have your spa serviced at least once a year. That way, your hot tub/spa maintains its condition and you know that it is safe and bacteria-free.

We have over 20 years experience in our team of staff with experience of a vast number of suppliers and dealers across the world. As such, we offer competitive service packages which are available for all types of hot tubs and spas. You may have been the unwitting ‘victim’ of another hot tub dealer or supplier without our expert credentials and experience, leaving you with a poorly-functioning or broken down hot tub. If so, we are here to help, and we truly are the specialists!

We comprehensively and thoroughly check your hot tub and spa when conducting our services and look for things such as leaks, heating, electrical and plumbing problems to ensure your spa is in tip-top condition. We understand the importance of good quality service and product and customer care so you can be sure to know we treat your tub and spa as if it is our own.

We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best value for money so we keep our prices as competitive as possible while maintaining our excellent standard of service and expertise. We offer three service packages and with prices starting from as little as £190 can be assured that your money is being spent wisely.

So if you are too busy or cannot manage to thoroughly clean your hot tub or spa, contact us and we will ensure that your product is immaculately cleaned. We flush your hot tub or spa through with our special commercial chemical to remove all biofilm deposits on pipework and components underneath which can affect the performance of your unit – you may notice a slimy and creamy substance from time to time when your spa is stood empty. This is biofilm and needs to be cleansed from your hot tub and its systems as biofilm contains mold, bacteria, and parasites. Therefore it is very important to have your hot tub or spa serviced regularly to keep it hygienic, safe and will last a long time.

But we do not just flush through your unit. We also rinse through your equipment, vacuum the pipework, wipe all the acrylic, exhaustively clean the filters and refit them, remove airlocks and check and add, where necessary, the chemicals in your water. And all of this is achieved in our cheapest standard of service!

As with all major purchases and well-used products they need to be carefully maintained so if problems occur it is always best to have these seen to and fixed before the fault gets worse and costs more money than it needs to. We can obtain spares and provide a repair service. Our team has a wealth of knowledge and can repair every make and model of hot tuba in the market; UK, international, portable, built-in spas and hot tubs, private units and also commercial equipment. Each one of our experienced technicians is fully trained in the work they do and are accredited to repair and service equipment and components found in all different kinds of hot tubs and spa.



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Hot Tub Servicing

hot tub servicing

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